Gene Martin~He’s A Miracle Working God (by boofitts)

I Know I’ve Been Changed - Gene Martin (by Daniel R)

For my work on race & Pentecostalism

I Want You To Move - Gene Martin & Miracle Valley Choir (by Daniel R)

Gene Martin - “I’ve Got It” (by Robert Beacham)

A.A.Allen’s worship leader circa mid 1960s

Peter(Walk Out On The Water) - Gene Martin (by Daniel R)

A.A. Allen’s worship leader

Glory Glory / Fly Away - Gene Martin & Philadelphia Choir (by Daniel R)

"The Singing Slave" - Brother Gene Martin (by Robert Beacham)

A powerful performance that speaks of the 1960s civil rights ethos

Gene Martin - God Specializes (by Daniel R)

doing an A.A. Allen thing in my book and using Gene Martin for inspiration

Gene Martin - God Specializes (by Daniel R)

Thought I’d start up my long-dormant Tumblr again…I’m working on Miracle Valley, AA Allen’s old church, here is what the current occupants are preaching…

America at its Crossroad (by MiracleValleyArizona)

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