Gloria Copeland:- Diligence: A key to Your Prosperity (by actman7)

Pastor Joel Osteen Responds to Criticism - Oprah’s Next Chapter - Oprah Winfrey Network (by OWN)

Pastor Bill Winston Redeemed from Poverty (by InsaneVideoManiac)

Look! God’s Not Dead - Gene Martin & Rev. AA Allen (by Wayne Sutton)

Gene Martin - Glory Glory (by Daniel R)

A.A. Allen’s worship leader 1960s

I Know The Lord Will Make a Way - Gene Martin (by Daniel R)

circa 1960, w/ A.A. Allen’s Miracle Valley Church

Did You Stop To Pray This Morning - Gene Martin & Choir (by Daniel R)

unique interracial choir A A Allen

Gene Martin~He’s A Miracle Working God (by boofitts)

I Know I’ve Been Changed - Gene Martin (by Daniel R)

For my work on race & Pentecostalism

I Want You To Move - Gene Martin & Miracle Valley Choir (by Daniel R)